It is tempting to choose consumer devices for industrial and business related tasks – however that may not always be the wisest decision. Below are our five main reasons to choose industrial mobile devices over consumer devices.

Industrial mobile devices have been used on the factory floor and in warehouses for many years, and there’s a reason that consumer-grade devices have made few inroads in this environment — mobile production and warehouse solutions benefit immensely from the durability, reliability, and built-in support for warehouse operations that rugged, industrial devices provide.

In today’s mobile business environment however, external workers are using more and more mobile applications to carry out their daily tasks.

5 resons to choose industrial mobile devices over consumer devices.


These ergonomically designed, purpose-built devices are meant for repetitive tasks, and provide employees with the features and functions they need in a portable, rugged housing. Their design can also reduce workplace injuries, and make employees more productive by making it easier to complete more tasks quickly in a less strenuous fashion.

2. Security

With industrial mobile devices, owners can provision and control firmware and software on the computer. Access to consumer apps can be blocked and IT departments can lock down and control the device without worrying about unwanted operating system updates causing software compatibility issues.

3. Form Factors

Industrial mobile devices can be obtained in a wide variety of configurations and form factors, all designed for specific applications. There are rugged PDAs, pistol-grip handhelds, wearable devices, forklift-mounted devices, and tablets. These devices are multipurpose, and are available with a range of accessories (holsters, mounts, scanners, printers) that are also durable enoughfor the task at hand.

4. Ruggedness

Mobile warehouse solutions can be built around devices that meet IP and MIL-STD specifications for surviving multiple drops to concrete, or exposure to moisture, dirt, and chemicals. They can also stand up to the shock and vibration experienced by computers that are mounted on forklifts or other equipment. In addition there are devices that can operate successfully in very cold refrigerated storage facilities or in extremely hot temperatures, without and damage to the internal components.

Consumer devices are not durable enough to survive adverse conditions, which could result in higher replacement costs and a higher total cost of ownership (TCO). Industrial devices have a long lifecycle (five years or more, depending on the application) that ensures consistency and a better return on the hardware investment.

5. Battery Life

Industrial mobile devices are designed to last a full shift on a single battery charge, unlike consumer devices, which have batteries that not only drain quickly, but that can’t be replaced. Many rugged computers include hot-swappable batteries that can be changed out while the device is in use. This keeps the devices powered up at all times, and improves productivity by minimizing downtime.

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