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BarTender from Seagull Scientific

BarTender software enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance.


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Use Bartender Intelligent Templates™ to easily create and maintain an array of flexible designs.


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Combine forms, actions and system integrations to build a powerful automated printing solution.


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Monitor, secure and control your complete printing environment at sites around the world.


Solving your most complex needs for labeling, barcoding and more, with solutions designed to grow with your business.


Ideal for departments and small businesses, the BarTender Professional Edition offers the same easy interface as the Free Edition, includes RFID encoding, and enables you to leverage content from databases, spreadsheets and other files for sophisticated label and card designs.

Easy, flexible, powerful design with Intelligent Templates

BarTender’s Intelligent Templates improve design quality, reduce label maintenance, maximize printing performance and help you stay in compliance with changing standards

Print the latest, most accurate data from files and databases

Minimize manual data entry by using data from spreadsheets, text files and databases. No database? No problem. Build your own with the BarTender Data Builder.

Customizable data-entry forms

BarTender’s configurable dataentry forms make complex manual printing processes a breeze. Select and query database records effortlessly, while performing manual data entry efficiently.


Ideal for businesses that rely on speed and accuracy, the BarTender Automation Edition gives you the tools to build flexible label and document printing applications that integrate with your current business systems.

Reliable automated printing

Add intelligence to your printing system by executing automated actions based on data-entry events.

Sophisticated integrations and processes

Seamlessly connect BarTender’s automated label printing processes to your existing business systems.

Powerful design with Intelligent Templates

BarTender’s Intelligent Templates improve design quality, reduce label maintenance, maximize printing performance and help you stay in compliance with changing standards.


Ideal for businesses that operate in heavily regulated industries or span multiple locations and need to control design and printing throughout the organization.

Powerful software for demanding requirements

The world’s largest companies trust their production lines and supply chains to BarTender.

Centralized control across continents

Manage, secure and control your entire solution across thousands of printing locations.

Librarian for optimized workflow

Centralize your label repository, track and trace label revisions, assign roles with procedures, and recall previous label revisions.

Create sophisticated integrations and processes

Seamlessly connect BarTender’s automated label printing processes to your existing business systems.

Print from browsers, smartphones or tablets

Use the device of your choice to select label designs, complete print-time data forms and launch print jobs to any printer on the internet.

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