Barcode Verification Solutions

What are Barcode Verification Solutions?

Our barcode verification solutions provide customers with a detailed analysis and grading of their barcode print quality to ensure they scan first time, every time.

Some organisations, including major retailers, will only accept products from suppliers who have had the relevant barcodes verified.

Verification will confirm whether a barcode is fully compliant with ISO standards. A detailed report on the results of a verification test, identifying any inadequacies in the barcode and any potential problems with it is generated and if required rectifying action can be taken.

barcode verification

Scanning is not Verification

If you use a barcode scanner to do your testing, the only thing you will know is that your scanner can read it because barcode scanners are designed to attempt to decode even the lowest quality barcodes.

This is why barcode verification solutions from our partners Axicon and Printronix AutoID are so important. They ensure that the barcodes meet industry standards and you can be sure that once verified that your barcodes can be read in any location using any barcode scanner.

The benefits of verification?

The biggest benefits of barcode verification solutions are, simply, reassurance and confidence that the barcode will perform as intended at all stages of the product’s movement down the supply chain, leading to untroubled supplier-customer relationships:


barcode verification pass


  • Reduced risk of print re-runs / wasted packaging and products
  • Confidence that printed barcodes will scan first time, every time
  • Improved read rates throughout the supply chain
  • More efficient movement of stock through supply chain.
  • Reduced risk of penalties and levies for products being rejected for inability to be processed through automated goods receiving

Barcode Verification Grades

  • ISO A 3.5 or Greater: This should scan on the first pass almost instantly. This is the best grade to have.
  • ISO B 2.5 – 3.5: This will read after 1 or 2 scans. This is the minimum requirement for heavily automated manufacturers and is the recommended target for automated conveyor scanning.
  • ISO C 1.5 – 2.5: This is the minimum quality and it may take a few scans for the barcode to be read. It is the minimum standard for most organizations.
  • ISO D 0.5 – 1.5: Because of the low contrast, ITF-14 barcodes printed on  fibreboard are allowed a grade D. They can cause difficulty with some barcode scanners though.
  • ISO F 0 – 0.5: This is a fail and should not be used. This grade cannot be relied on and should not be used.
barcode grading

Do you have a requirement for barcode verification?

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