Inks, Primer and Consumables

Standard and special inks

REA JET develops and markets inks, primers and cleaning agents for virtually every coding, marking and spray mark application worldwide. Chemical compatibility and interaction with all components of the REA JET product families are given top priority when releasing consumables for use in REA JET coding and marking systems. This ensures the fault-free operation of REA JET industrial printers in manufacturing.

Furthermore, the use of original REA JET inks, paints, primers and cleaners guarantees the reliable operation of our systems. With more than 500 standard and special inks in our portfolio, we offer a broad selection.

Moreover, the quality of our consumables is constantly safeguarded with the very latest development and testing methods.

REa Jet Inks


Inks with convincing properties are required for a wide variety of industrial applications. Not every ink is suitable for every substrate. The best possible print quality is only possible through the interaction of ink, coding and marking system and the consideration of your individual requirements. 

Drying time, UV resistance, coverage or material compatibility are just a few of the criteria that we will work with you to select the ink that is best for your application.

Rea Ink Cartridges


For our high resolution inkjet printers REA JET HR with HP printing technology we offer a wide range of ink cartridges. Each cartridge carries a chip from REA, on which all necessary information, such as ink type, fire parameters or the filling level, are stored and thus guarantee the best possible use of the ink. The cartridges are available for a wide variety of applications and surfaces, adapted to your application. 

rea bio-cleaner

Bio Cleaner

Virtually anywhere where inks, primers and paints are used for coding and marking purposes, at some point production facilities and production environment have to be cleaned periodically.

With the new REA JET BC-1 400 cleaner most of dried inks, primers and paints – not only those from REA JET – can be turned back into liquid form and then removed.

rea jet cleaner


Our portfolio contains suitable cleaner to match your ink, paint or varnish. This allows print heads to be cleaned easily and reliably.

rea viskoflex


For our Continuous Inkjet Printer REA JET SC 2.0 REA Viskoflex must be used to control the viscosity of the inks. A built-in viscometer determines the amount of Viskoflex that needs to be added to the ink circuit in order to restore the ink’s original viscosity.

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Coding & Marking

Our team of Coding & Marking specialists are available to assist you in the correct choice for your application.
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