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Digitalization is a core component of the Industry Renaissance revolutionizing manufacturing.
It has become a driving force to innovate, produce, sell, and service products.



Today, through software solutions, processes are becoming digital-first. Designs are completed in 3D CAD files and data exists as digital objects connected via internal and external networks for detailed and powerful analysis.
As an example, label formats are no longer issued to production for use — rather, they are being stored in the Cloud and made available to mobile devices at the point of use.
Finally, the paperless process driven by solutions for mobile and desktop has arrived in manufacturing and business… well totally paperless isn’t quite true, but with SONRA ID Solutions and our enterprise mobility partners Unitech, Datalogic, and Zebra your organisation can be well on the road.

The new usages of the experience economy place innovation at the heart of production, creating new business models that would allow mass customization at the cost of mass production.

Today’s industrial know-how allows fast, cost- and energy-efficient goods and services delivery to consumers around the world. Virtualizing the entire Industry Supply Chain in the right way with Digital continuity is the key to increased and protected value.

Putting humans at the heart of the industrial transformation process, inventing new ways to collaborate, and empowering these new “augmented humans” to unleash their creativity – by relieving them from repetitive tasks.

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