Machine Vision

Datalogic Machine Vision Solutions – for your challenging applications

The Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements.

A complete offering of products and solutions ranging from smart cameras to embedded vision systems.

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Some of the range highlights.

There are as many devices in the range as there are applications…



datalogic t2 series


The new T4x-Series smart camera provides customers with outstanding performance in an industrialized and compact package. Equipped with a powerful 1.1 GHz processor, the T4x-Series performance is exceptional in value and functionality.

The T-Series comes in 3 different camera resolutions, VGA, 2 Mega-Pixel and 5 Mega-Pixel all in a sealed, industrially hardened enclosure for maximum protection.

Combined with Impact software, the new generation T-series delivers the most rugged and versatile smart camera solution in the market today.



datalogic datavs2


DATAVS2 Vision Sensors offer an easy configurabilty of object recognition, identification and professional advanced functions, solving artificial machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way.

IMPACT Software


datalogic impact software


IMPACT Software Suite, with over 120 inspection tools and 50 user interface controls, allows users to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily. All this can be done without the loss of flexibility, like traditional configurable systems, or the need for vast amounts of development time.

IMPACT Software Suite also provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that guarantees full integration of machine vision monitoring capabilities into HMI software applications.V

Vision Program Manager (VPM) provides hundreds of image processing and analysis functions. Use VPM to enhance images, locate features, measure objects, check for presence or absence, and read text and bar codes.

Control Panel Manager (CPM) simplifies development of operator interfaces with the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to critical machine controls. CPM creates operator interface panels to view and adjust critical machine controls.

IMPACT Software Development Kit (SDK) consists of a software library for HMI development. It allows developers to deploy software applications for interacting with Datalogic vision devices.

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datalogic p1x series


The P1x-Series is an ultra-compact cost effective smart camera offering advanced machine vision functionalities in a fully embedded stand-alone device.

The P1x-Series is available with gray-scale or color CMOS image sensors with two different resolutions: VGA and 1.3MP. Lenses and illuminators are fully interchangeable and can be mounted and replaced by the user. Five focal lengths and nine lighting options result in 90 different combinations delivering outstanding installation flexibility while offering superior image acquisition capabilities.

The P1x-Series is powered by the IMPACT LITE software package. With more than 25 inspection tools, IMPACT LITE revolutionizes device programming by making the inspection configuration quick and intuitive.



datalogic A series


The A30 Series is a stand-alone, general purpose and cost effective Smart Camera that can be installed even in harsh industrial environments thanks to its IP67 rated housing.

The A30 Series features a VGA (640×480) CCD imager, built-in discrete I/Os as well as Ethernet and Serial interfaces.

Thanks to the ultimate programming flexibility offered by Impact software, the A30 Series represents the answer to every machine vision need.



datalogic M series


M-Series cameras enable fast integration of challenging machine vision solutions.

The unique ability to mix and match color, gray-scale, multi imager, area and line scan cameras with a MX-Series MX-E Series processor lets you define, select and deploy the perfect imaging solution for high-speed, multi-camera machine vision inspections.

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