SATO AEP – Application Enabled Printing


SATO’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Platform is a powerful on-board intelligence which enables customization of the printer operation to significantly simplify labeling operations and reduce business costs.

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SATO AEP – Application Enabled Printing allows you to utilize your SATO CLNX series thermal printer as a robust standalone printing solution where you can:

  • Receive data directly from peripheral devices such as barcode scanner, keyboard, weight scale, or other connected devices
  • Process data and manipulate label format variables independently
  • Interact with your host database or ERP systems
  • Read and write data to and from a printer-resident look-up table
  • Network/Cloud communication for external database/webpage access or other external device control

In instances where it is not possible or desirable to have a personal computer (security concerns, maintenance concerns, cost of ownership, etc.) to control label printing via software to a thermal label printer, an AEP-enabled SATO printer offers a one-stop solution to serve as both application host and thermal barcode label printer.

Efficiencies can be gained through increased application stability, security, ability to easily modify the application, and expenses saved through the absence of PC placement and ongoing maintenance and software licensing.

sato aep range
  1. Analysis of current printing operations
  2. Design operational improvements
  3. Create labels and operator prompts
  4. Upload application to printer fleet
  5. Simplified operation and costs
sato aep cycle

With the power of an AEP-enabled SATO CLNX, the printer becomes intelligent and not just a node on the network. With AEP Works software, you can quickly and easily design simple label formats using a WYSIWYG GUI interface or envelop a full-fledged application for data manipulation and other advanced features to streamline the label printing process.

By simply connecting peripheral devices via the either of the two onboard USB ports on the CLNX printer, gives the operator the ability to accept input from devices such as barcode scanners, weigh scales, or full-size QWERTY keyboard. The printer-resident application, based on open source LUA scripting language, allows you to process received data and perform any number of resulting functions such as updating a remote database, updating a lookup table, prompting the printer operator to enter additional data on an attached keyboard, and produce on-demand barcoded labels!

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