NiceLabel LMS is a next-generation all-inclusive label management system for businesses that operate a quality management system and for regulated enterprises. The NiceLabel LMS includes everything you need to standardise, centralise and control your labelling.

The simplest way to meet all your labelling needs

From an easy-to-use label designer to a label management system that digitally transforms the entire labelling process. Loftware NiceLabel gives you a flexible labelling process that can adapt to changing market demands. Make your labelling process device and location independent, accommodate remote workers and extend labelling to new partners and suppliers.

Free up your IT resources
With NiceLabel, business users can design and maintain label templates with ease. Furthermore, with NiceLabel Cloud, there’s no IT infrastructure to purchase or maintain. You can be up and running in minutes and the software is updated automatically.

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Bye to printing errors

Printing labels with dynamic data is different from printing other types of documents. The labelling system needs to enable your staff to print quickly and without errors. NiceLabel includes an easy-to-use printing form that helps users quickly print accurate labels without the risk of error.

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Easy to use

The NiceLabel designer delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience. You can quickly design professional labels, no prior knowledge of barcoding or designer training necessary.

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Why use Nice Label?

For businesses with multiple users that require quality, security, visibility of labeling to decrease risks and hidden costs.

  • Professional barcode label designer
  • Document management system
  • Printing application builder
  • Web-based printing
  • Integrated printing
  • Professional Services
The simplest way to design and print labels

Document Management

Manage your labeling in our document management system

Think of it as SharePoint for labeling. Design, review, approve and control labeling from a centralized database without having to install software on workstations.

digital transformation of labeling

Nice Label’s Label Management System includes a label designer, document management system, application builder, web printing system (for manual printing), integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a change and transport system. It scales from five users to thousands and can be extended to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers.

Integerated Printing

Integrate label printing with your business systems

Integrate label printing with SAP or other business systems to increase label accuracy, printing efficiency and establish single source of truth for your labeling data. LMS Enterprise and LMS Pro are on-premise editions of our label management system that is hosted on your own IT infrastructure.

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