PEX Series 6-Inch Performance Print Engine

The 6-inch PEX-2000 Print Engines easily integrate into any label applicator for smooth daily operations, reducing integration effort and speeding up time-to-market.

Qualifies for:
– Extended Warranty 3, 4, 5 years
– Comprehensive Warranty 2, 3, 4, 5 years

The PEX-2000 is highly compatible with hardware and software for easy integration. It supports DB15 and DB25 interfaces and major printer brands’ GPIO emulations. The customisable printer language firmware supports major printer languages so template commands and print files can remain the same.

The PEX-2000 is reliable for 24/7 operations, compact to meet space constraints, and is easy to service. From its angle-adjustable peel-off module, advanced sensor design, and to optional RFID, the PEX-2000 provides precise functionality and future-proof technology. It’s also compatible with the remote printer management tools, TSC Console and SOTI Connect.

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Highly Compatible with Label Applicator Integration

  • With a 14% smaller rear section, the compact footprint makes it easy to maintain and mount to label applicators in any orientation.
  • Supports both 25-pin and 15-pin D-Sub socket connectors and major printer brands’ GPIO emulations, making integration and replacement easy.
  • Customizable printer language firmware supports major printer languages, eliminating the need to redesign your template commands or print files.

Advanced Performance to Meet Diverse Applications

  • Industry-first adjustable peel-off module in metal supports performance in angles of minus 18-degrees to minus 3-degrees peel off. This flexibility makes applicator integration and scaling up applications easy.
  • The top black mark sensor supports labels with the black mark on the print side, e.g. pre-printed labels.
  • The optional RFID encoding module supports emerging applications, such as item-level RFID labelling in apparel. Long distance back-feed enables overstriking bad RFID labels.

Reliable Design to Maximize Uptime

  • Full metal chassis is robust to withstand harsh environments.
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) is up to 22,000 hours for 24/7 mission-critical operations.
  • A magnetic lock tightly seals the media door under any vibration in any orientation.

Mechanism Design for Smooth Operations

  • The PEX-2000 media sensors were designed to make media handling and calibration easy with top and bottom sensors. Both sensors can be adjusted to different locations to support various media type setup and calibration. Additionally, the rear label holder cover is simple to release, giving users more space to clean sensors.
  • Wide media handling space makes media installation easier (55mm max.).
  • One push and quick release design makes removal of the printhead and its replacement effortless.
  • After being installed on any label applicator, the rear chassis can be easily lifted and pulled out in two steps, saving valuable space for repairs and component replacement without taking up additional room on the shop floor.

Remote Management and Monitoring Ensure Print Engine Serviceability

  • Through the internet, the web-based SOTI Connect remote printer management software offers one dashboard for deployment and real-time monitoring of all print engines. IT staff can set up, configure, and update print engines from a single console. Users can also set up rules in the console so that when pre-defined conditions are met, notifications will be sent so that relevant stakeholders can take corresponding actions.
  • Within the intranet, the on-premise TSC Console remote printer management software enables IT staff to deploy, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot through wired or wireless connections to one or a group of print engines. This ensures that print engines are serviceable at all times. With TSC Sense Care, the TSC Console can monitor TPHs, and track and record the TPH odometer for component replacement.


300 dpi (12 dots/mm)

Printing method
Direct thermal/Thermal transfer

Colour LCD with buttons

Hardwire Connectivity
Parallel port
Serial RS-232
USB Host

Wireless Connectivity
Wi-Fi with Bluetooth

Enterprise Printer Management
TSC Console
SOTI Connect (license required)

Print engine

Max. Print Speed
305mm (12”)/second

Max. Print Width
168 mm (6.61”)

Max. Print Length
6,604mm (260“)


512 MB

Expandable Flash
Micro SD card reader for memory expansion, up to 32GB

Max. Media Width
180mm (7.09“)

Media Type
Continuous, die-cut, black mark, fan-fold, notch

Max Ribbon Length
600 Meters

Ribbon Width 
180mm (7.1″)

Die-cast based print mechanism

Programming Languages





Industries and Applications

Healthcare / Manufacturing / Logistics

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage


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